MHS Asphalt & Concrete Solutions

Specializing in Asphalt and Concrete Maintenance

New Construction / Operations: Colin Wichers (703) 498-7881

Vice President: Michael Nann (303) 263-5953


With over 40 years of combined experience, Mile High Striping, Inc. provides a customer-oriented approach to asphalt and concrete maintenance. We take pride in our customer engagement, employee satisfaction, and utilizing the top-of-the-line tools and materials in the trade.

Michael Nann, Co-Founder
A Colorado transplant, Michael graduated from the University of Denver, and started his career on the business development side of pavement marking and snow removal. His strengths include customer relations and business development which allowed him to excel in the financial services industry before starting Mile High Striping.

Leah Watada, President & CEO
Born in Denver, Leah and grew up in Ft-Collins. As a 4 generation Coloradan she loves the outdoors and camping. After High School, Leah completed her registered nursing degree. Besides Leah’s love for camping , she spends most of her time with her amazing dog Optimums Prime.

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